MWC 2019: Xiaomi Mi 9 Global Launch Press Event Live Blog (9:30am UTC)

Xiaomi recently launched the Mi 9 in China, and today at MWC the company will launch it globally. We’re here ready to report on the launch, as well as looking out for any extra announcements.

04:23AM EST – Less than 10 minutes to go, and this is by far Xiaomi’s biggest press event at MWC

04:23AM EST – They’ve hired out Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, which in the past Samsung has used

04:25AM EST – Ian is on text, Anton hp 16gb ram is standing nearer the front to do the photos

04:29AM EST – Just before it begins, we get a video of the other products Xiaomi makes

04:29AM EST – Air purifiers, IP cameras, floor cleaners, clocks

04:30AM EST – Mood lighting

04:31AM EST – Xiaomi is one of the companies that plays off of its fan base a lot, at both official events and fan events. They’ve started inviting the most serious Xiaomi fans to events like this, alongside press and partners

04:32AM EST – It’s clear that Xiaomi should have booked a bigger hall. Typically the first press event of the day gets a crazy big reception

04:34AM EST – Five minute call, looks like we’re starting a little bit late

04:37AM EST – Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm is here

04:38AM EST – So something 5G is clearly going to be discussed

04:39AM EST – Here we go

04:40AM EST – Dominic Sung (?) to the stage

04:40AM EST – this is Xiaomi’s first product launch at an MWC

04:40AM EST – The theme is ‘make it happen’

04:41AM EST – This explains Xiaomi’s attitude as a young company

04:41AM EST – Xiaomi always has the mentality to make it happen

04:41AM EST – Uniquely built by fans for fans

04:41AM EST – Invited Xiaomi Fans to the event. They’re at the front, rather than the press. Of course

04:42AM EST – The fans are the reason for innovation

04:42AM EST – ‘Mi Explorers’

04:42AM EST – In 2014, did 10b in US revenue

04:42AM EST – In 2017, did 15b in US revenue

04:43AM EST – #4 Smartphone brand in the world, 32% YoY growth according to analysts

04:43AM EST – 224 million active smartphone users (what?)

04:43AM EST – First market Xiaomi entered in Europe was Spain

04:43AM EST – Entered UK in November

04:44AM EST – #1 for open market sales in spain in 15 months

04:44AM EST – Many people know Xiaomi as a smartphone company, but we have a full range of ecosystem IoT products

04:44AM EST – #1 in wearables due to popular Mi Band

04:44AM EST – Mi e-Scooters are also popular

04:45AM EST – Shipped over 560k Mi Scooters

04:45AM EST – Best selling personal transportation device in 2018

04:45AM EST – Also number one smart TV brand in China

04:45AM EST – Also shipping to India and other countries

04:45AM EST – 2000+ Xiaomi ecosystem product portfolio

04:46AM EST – Over 200 partner companies

04:46AM EST – smart lighting with Philips

04:46AM EST – World’s largest consumer IoT platform

04:47AM EST – Time for a Mi Home demo

04:47AM EST – Buy online or offline

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