Hammer Smartisan Nut Real Wireless Bluetooth Headset officially starts pre-sale

Today, the new member of the wireless world Hammer Smartisan true wireless Bluetooth headset officially opened for pre-sale. The headset supports 18 hours of battery life, 4.5 hours of headphones, 13.5 hours of charging box, fast and stable connection to mobile phones, Bluetooth 5.0 chip and loop ceramic antennas, support smart Control, touch and exhale the flash reading capsule, voice assistant, 45 ° half-in-ear body, fit and stable, IBRT on-ear transmission technology, simultaneous left and right, support for single-ear switching, 13mm dynamic sound unit, wide sound range, The sound is smooth and natural.
Smartisan true wireless Bluetooth headsets adhere to the design principles of high rationality and aesthetics. The storage box is square and round, and at the same time, it brings out the simplicity and elegance.
Smartisan true wireless Bluetooth headset supports pick up and listen, put down and listen. When you need to pair, open the storage box, and press and hold the pairing for two seconds to enter the pairing mode. If pairing is successful, just open the lid, you The headset will automatically reconnect and stand by at any time.
Smartisan true wireless Bluetooth headset uses the dual technology combination of Bluetooth 5.0 chip and loop ceramic antenna. It has strong anti-interference, ultra-low latency, ultra-low power consumption, and a working distance of 10 meters. used iPhones

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