66W fast charge + 100 million pixels, Xiaomi Mi 10 enters the network and then hammers, Snapdragon 865 joins hands with the emperor to report!

This year’s mobile phone circle has seen a lot of high-end flagships that are eye-catching, with main performance and configuration, as well as main photos and battery life, selling points are different, so that machine friends dazzled. This year is about to end. The mobile phone industry is about to enter a new year. There will undoubtedly be more flagship models next year to surprise us. Many people are curious about which manufacturer will come out on top. What about the flagship model? Many people know the answer, it is the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi Mi 10.
First Snapdragon 865, dual-mode 5G blessing
According to the breaking news, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series includes Xiaomi Mi 10 and Xiaomi Mi Pro. Xiaomi officially stated that Xiaomi Mi 10 will launch the Snapdragon 865 processor, which supports dual-mode 5G networks. Snapdragon 865 is a dual-mode 5G chip recently released by Qualcomm and is currently the strongest 5G chip in the Android camp. It has a running score of 560,000, far ahead of Huawei and MediaTek. The Xiaolong 865 processor powered by Xiaomi 10 not only greatly improves performance, but also provides a more powerful AI intelligence engine, which can be applied to more life scenarios and enrich the terminal experience of machine friends.
Support up to 66W fast charge, equipped with a large battery
In addition to the first Snapdragon 865 processor, another major feature of Xiaomi Mi 10 has also been exposed. This phone will support up to 66W super-fast charging. Regardless of machine friends or manufacturers, battery life is now more and more important, so mobile phones released this year, the battery is getting bigger and bigger, and fast charging is getting faster and faster. 5G mobile phones consume more energy, so they have stricter requirements on battery life. In this way, Xiaomi’s 66W fast charge is very critical. Interestingly, Xiaomi’s 66W fast charge is just faster than the current OPPO. 65W fast charger is more than 1W, and it seems to have the meaning of pressing OPPO. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series will also be equipped with a large battery as standard, the battery life of this phone is very much expected.
High refresh rate screen, 100MP main camera
Next year will be the world of punch-screen mobile phones, according to reports Xiaomi Mi 10 will also adopt this appearance. Camera friends do not expect much of this design, but if you can add a high refresh rate screen, then it will be another matter. The use of high refresh rate screens on the Xiaomi Mi 10 series is basically a matter of nails. The only thing that is not sure is whether to use a 90Hz screen or a 120Hz screen. The previously released Redmi K30 series has used a 120Hz refresh rate screen. Xiaomi 10 has a much higher positioning than Redmi K30. It seems that there is no reason to use a 90Hz screen, so Good Wujun thinks 120Hz is more reliable. In addition, the 100-megapixel main camera is also a selling point of Xiaomi 10. Xiaomi Mi 10 will use Xiaomi CC9Pro camera hardware, and the software level will be further polished and adapted. The final effect will certainly not be inferior to Xiaomi CC9Pro.
As the flagship of the new year next year, the machine friends have great expectations for Xiaomi 10, not to mention that this is still the work of the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, and Xiaomi itself will certainly keep improving. At present, many features of this phone have been exposed, 66W fast charge, Snapdragon 865 processor, 100 million pixels, and high refresh rate screen. These known configurations are enough to conquer most friends. Do you know if there are any hidden tricks for Xiaomi Mi 10? Finally, it is worth mentioning that the latest foreign media reports indicate that Samsung’s Snapdragon 865 flagship Samsung S20 series will be released on February 11 next year. If Xiaomi wants to launch the Snapdragon 865, it must be released before that. Do machine friends think that Xiaomi Mi 10 can grab us before Samsung? If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 7, used iPhone xs max on sale in Energyitshop!

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