Huawei submits “NovaBuds” trademark application

2019 can be said to be a year of true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Major manufacturers are launching their own products in order to seek a certain share in this market area. Take Huawei as an example. FreeBuds 3, which was launched this year, has been loved by many consumers with many technological innovations. Now, it is reported that Huawei Nova will also launch its own true wireless Bluetooth headset.
Huawei nova6 5G
Recently, Huawei’s “NovaBuds” trademark application submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office on December 24 was disclosed, which seems to indicate that Nova will launch its own headset products. From the information point of view, NovaBuds belongs to the headphone and earphone category, named after “Buds”, it is more likely to be an earphone, and Huawei has not yet launched a headset, we can look forward to this New product.
The nova series, as a brand of Huawei, focuses on fashion, trends, and youth, and many younger symbols are incorporated into product design. And in recent years, we can see that Huawei’s attributes have gradually faded in Nova products. Nova’s own attributes have gradually strengthened and become more symbolic. In this way, it is not surprising that Nova has launched its own headset products. There may be more new nova series products to meet you in the future. used iPhones

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