Partial solar eclipse under Vivo X30Pro lens: this time with the 60x zoom to shoot the sun

There is no doubt that yesterday was the welfare day for astronomy enthusiasts because rare “eclipse” phenomena can be observed throughout our country. Of course, in addition to observing the partial solar eclipse, it is also quite interesting to record this moment. For photography enthusiasts, I used the latest Vivo X30Pro external ND filter to capture this magical moment.
vivo X30Pro has a quadruple-camera with 5x zoom, of which the telephoto end is equivalent to 135mm, and supports up to 60x zoom. However, just as the human eye cannot directly look at the sun, if the mobile phone is directly pointed at the sun, the hot and bright sun is left. So this enthusiast is very clever to use the ND filter, which can restore the environment of the scene to the greatest extent.
Although it is cloudy in the local area, Vivo X30Pro still clearly captures the scene of the moon “pull off” the sun.
The distance between the sun and the earth is about 150 million kilometers. When the focal length is zoomed to 60 times, because only the sun in the universe and the ND filter’s dimming effect remain, at this time the lone sun is left in the picture.
This photography enthusiast’s sharing is quite interesting. Before, we tried to shoot the stars and the moon on a mobile phone. The effect of this partial solar eclipse is undoubtedly very enlightening. May wish we can look forward to more astronomical wonders and see what more fun pictures can be taken by mobile phone telephoto.

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