The domestically produced LG W20 will be paired with the purple scope SC9863A chip

At present, domestic chips have been recognized by more and more mobile phone manufacturers, we can also see more phones with domestic chips. Recently, a product called LG W20 was listed on Google Play. According to product details, the phone is powered by the purple-light flash tiger Ben SC9863A chip.
LG W20 section information
In a nutshell, the LG W20 should be an introduction to positioning, with a 1520 x 720 screen and a drop screen design. Previously, the Zigui SC9863A chip was also seen in zte Blade A5 2019 and other entry-level products, indicating that this LG W20 should also be a product with the same positioning.
LG phones
The SC9863A chip is a product launched in 2018. The chip is equipped with eight 1.6hz Cortex A55 cores, and the GPU adopts PowerVR GE8322, which is of entry-level performance.
There’s no official price tag for the phone, but given that the previous LG W10 cost $126, the LG W20 should be in the same price range. used iPhones

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