What happens if I change the iPhone 6 phone directly to the A12 chip?

Apple’s iOS system has a hardware verification mechanism. System replacement is required to replace the CPU, memory, and baseband chips, otherwise, these replacement parts will not work. Although some hackers can bypass Apple’s verification mechanism when expanding the iPhone, in fact, there are still many sequelae. What’s more, replacing the A12 processor for the iPhone 6 also involves hardware such as baseband and memory. This idea simply does not work.
In fact, there are sequels to the expansion of the iPhone. For example, if the system cannot be upgraded, it will often face system crashes and inaccurate memory readings. The most important post-soldering chip may be soldered. If you gently drop the motherboard, It ’s useless, unless you use the iPhone for a year or two to expand the capacity. It ’s not painful. If the newly purchased mobile phone is still in the warranty period, I highly recommend not to expand the capacity. Okay scrapped!
The chip on the phone can only be replaced by the flash chip for storage (and it is not easy). Even if the iPhone 6 can really be replaced with the A12 chip, the operating memory of the iPhone is the only 1G, and the camera and baseband are behind. The phone is a whole. It ’s just that upgrading the A12 chip has limited help for the iphone6. The card is still a card. At least you have to upgrade the operating memory to above 2G. In short, the iphone6 ​​is too old. The hardware bottleneck is very much. The price is far less appropriate than buying a new phone. https://www.energyitshop.com

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